Welcome to MusicStation:
Total music freedom available with Windows 7 PCs!

What is MusicStation?

MusicStation delivers the ultimate digital music experience with the freedom to discover, download, play and share unlimited amounts of music directly to your computer.

Get access to millions of music tracks along with all of the great news and community services that are part of MusicStation.

Create your own profile, recommend music and share playlists with your family and friends.

How do I start using MusicStation?

MusicStation is a pre-installed application available on most of HP's 2010 computer systems (HP Envy, HP Pavilion PCs and Notebooks, and Compaq Presario).*

To find MusicStation, go to your Windows 7 Start menu and click on Start> All Programs> MusicStation. It's that easy! Watch Video

Enjoy a free trial for up to 14 days when you register for MusicStation.**

To learn more about HP products visit www.hp.com